YouTube Video Creation

With its long-tail discoverability, ability to educate customers about features and personal connection, YouTube offers incredible benefits for marketing your brand. Unfortunately, YouTube is often overlooked in social media marketing because of the technical aspects of creating and editing video.

We’ve all read that YouTube is the second largest search engine after its parent Google. While YouTube videos often appear in search results, the majority of the traffic emanates directly from YouTube searches.

YouTube is a hybrid platform, its sharability make it more like Facebook or Twitter, but also has long-tail discoverability. This helps perpetually drive leads similar to a blog or other content marketing efforts. Once a Youtube video is picked up by search engines it drives traffic to your other brand assets leading to conversions.

We have extensive experience in creating effective content for YouTube. We can help you write, produce, film and edit an entire series of videos to showcase your brand and expertise on YouTube.


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