Headshot Photography

If you Google yourself, what photos pop up? Are they selfies of you at a bar or a random photo you uploaded when you set up your twitter profile? Potential employers, clients or future spouses are judging you based on those images and other tidbits of content they find searching for you online. With the prevalence of social media in business decisions it’s in your best interest to have a awesome headshot out there on the internet.

Your headshot is your primary marketing tool. It represents your personal brand, who you are, your trustworthiness and ability to be a professional in whatever field you pursue.

I do a lot of street photography in my spare time and the goal is to observe and capture real moments. My goal on the street is to avoid disrupting my subject and capture an image of them in their element. Headshots are different, they are for the express purpose of promoting your personal brand. Headshots require expert direction, lighting and technical knowledge to look your best.

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