Aerial Photography

I am one of St. Louis’ only FAA Certified remote pilots. I went through rigorous coursework and passed a knowledge exam administered by the FAA. I was awarded a Remote Pilot Certificate and can legally fly a drone for commercial photography and video.

I own several drones and high end cameras which I can fly depending on the scale of your project and its requirements.

I have had the Part 107 Certification since it was announced in 2016 as well as the initial 333 Exemption  from the FAA

There is a huge difference in hiring a certified professional drone pilot for you job and simply going to Best Buy and purchasing one. I have logged hundreds of hours of flight time and know how to get cinematic shots with my drone.

If need to shoot aerial photographs of real estate exteriors I can accomplish this as well. I also have experience shooting interiors, so I can accomplish the entire real estate photography job.
If you’re project requires higher altitudes or longer flight times I have some friends with real helicopters that we can charter to get your aerial photographs or video. While I feel the drone can accomplish most tasks and is far more cost effective a real helicopter is more fun to fly in.

Please call or email to discuss your aerial photography project.


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